11 Shortcuts Keys to master Windows 10

Shortcuts Keys, mouse or touchpad and perhaps even a touch screen of Windows settings. No need much more than that to move in a basic way on any operating system, but if we want to do it efficiently saving time and a few clicks it never hurts to know some of his gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 10 is much more than what we can see with the naked eye for Windows info. Like many other operating systems, it is full of hidden functions or requiring more navigation to reach them, so having keyboard shortcuts to access them can save us valuable time. Here are a few more to complete our collection.

11 Shortcuts Keys to master Windows 10

You can navigate through the interface, position applications, activate events, change system settings and more with just a few taps on your keyboard. These are the tricks we have found most useful.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Opens the task manager of Windows 10.

Windows key + R : Opens the Run dialog box.

Shift + Delete : Delete a file permanently without sending it to the trash.

Alt + Enter : Displays the properties of the selected file

Windows key + U : Access Ease of Access Center.

Windows key + Print Screen SysRq : Make a screenshot that is automatically saved to the capture folder within the Images.

Windows Key + G : Opens the screen recording application in games.

Windows key + Alt + G : If activated, starts recording screen in the background.

Windows key + Alt + R : Stop recording screen.

Windows key + P : With a second display connected, navigate between display modes.

Windows key + “+” : Zoom with Magnifier application.

Windows key + “-“ Make zoom out with the application of Lupa.

And with this repertoire of gestures and keyboard shortcuts any of you should be able to use the new Microsoft operating system at full speed. We have tried to put on the list all that we have, but certainly one has escaped us, so that ye do not cut when advise others so that we go adding.

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