5 Important Excel tips tricks you must know 2020

We are discussing 5 Important Excel tips tricks you must know. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for Microsoft for data analyzing and mathematical work. Microsoft is introducing new and exciting methods to work fast and smoothly. You can also see useful and latest shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel. You may link shortcut keys for MAC Microsoft Excel

5 Important Excel tips tricks you must know 2020

How to hide text or numbers in cells

This is the first trick in 5 Important Excel tips tricks. This is a very important tip to hide data in cells. It will not hide the whole row or column but only data. The applied trick cells will show empty when you will click on the cell and see the formula bar, there it will show the data. Let’s start

  1. Type any data in multi cells, it may consist of number or text.
  2. Select the cells, and right-click to choose format cells
  3. From format cells box in a category click on the custom
  4. And in type box enter ;;;
  5. Click on the OK button.
  6. Now check, no cell is showing its value.

How to write 000 at the start of each cell

The second trick in 5 Important Excel tips tricks. You may notice that when you enter 0 or 00 or 000 at the start of the cell with any number, zero value has vanished. Sometimes we have to append zero at the start of digital number. So, let’s start How to write 000 at the start of each cell.

Before type or entering any value in the cell just type ‘ at the start of number and then type your value. Now you will see zero are attached with the number. You can remove the green symbol to click on the drop-down button to choose to ignore the error.

Warning: – You cannot apply the formula on this cell to add, subtract, etc.

Paste one cell data to multiple cells

3rd trick in 5 Important Excel tips tricks. Select multiple cells by pressing the CTRL button from the keyboard. After selecting the last cell, type the data which you want to write in all selected cells. After typing the data press CTRL+Enter key. You will see all the typed data is pasted into all selected cells.

Lower to upper and upper to lower case and use of proper

4th trick in 5 Important Excel tips tricks. There are two formulas used to case the format of letters, words, and string. To apply lower to UPPER case please =upper(cell name) and hit Enter key. You will see that selected cell data is changed to the UPPER case. Similarly, you can change the UPPER case to lower by using =lower(cell name). Proper function is used to capitalize on all first letters of words. The syntax is =proper(cell name) and press Enter key.

Handling a large string with short strings

5th trick in 5 Important Excel tips tricks. Sometimes you have to type your organization names which may belong with chance of spelling mistakes. You can simply apply to an autocorrect method to type such a large string with a short string. Click on the file menu, click on options, click on Proofing. Next click on AutoCorrect Options button.  From AutoCorrect Options dialog box first type a short string in Replace textbox and type in With textbox the long string and click on Add and OK button.

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