5 Versions of Windows 7 with Detail

After downloading Versions of Windows 7 we can choose whether we want to use Mode 32 or 64 bits, and we can choose the version of Windows 7 you want to use. This difference is based on the different markets that Microsoft wants access offering price range for more or less features.

Versions of Windows 7
Versions of Windows 7

5 Versions of Windows 7 with Detail

Somehow, users of the most basic versions may feel they are missing out on some of the best possibilities of Windows 7, so we recommend you review some of the fundamental differences between versions. Although many people think that the Ultimate version is the best, many of its characteristics are useful only in business environments, so Windows Home Premium and Professional cover most of the needs of the average user.

Windows 7 starter

It is the easiest and cheapest edition of Windows 7 starter. For its lightness and limitations (for example, you can run only three programs simultaneously) has discussed the possible use of this edition for devices with limited resources, such as some mini – notebooks. It is very functional if we are to perform various tasks with the team.

* Only for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) selling new equipment.
* No UI or Aero.
* Only allows running 3 programs simultaneously.
* Designed for netbooks and low power.

 Home Premium Edition

It is the most basic version and is targeted at home users. Allows the usual functions of an operating system: working with documents or multimedia elements, the use of different programs, etc.

* Contains all the features of the Home Basic version.
* Available worldwide, OEMs (OEM) and shops.
* Includes user interface and Aero.
* Support for multi-touch on devices have touch screens
* Add “premium” Games
* Multimedia (Media Center, DVD playback and creation, and more)
* Allows creation of Groups for home.

Windows 7 professional

 In addition Windows 7 professional is the characteristics of the domestic edition it includes other focused on the business sector as improvements in data security, backup options, the XP Mode for programs with compatibility issues or the use of domains. Following are Windows 7 professional features.

* Available worldwide, OEMs (OEM) and shops.
* Includes all features of Windows 7 Home Premium.
* Better ability to work and network printing.
* Enables you to join a domain.
* Mayor data protection with EFS (Encrypting File System).
* Windows XP Mode for corporate applications.
* Support for virtualization.

 Windows 7 ultimate

Windows 7 ultimate is focused for the business field; it contains BitLocker and functions of language that does not contain the Professional Edition.

* Limited to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and shops Availability.
* Includes all features of Windows 7 Enterprise.

Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate

* Only for companies.
* Includes all features of Windows 7 Professional.
* Add BitLocker (encryption full hard disk) and Bitlocker on the Go (encryption to removable devices)
* BranchCache (passive cache frequently used files).
* Improved searches for companies (including other equipment, SharePoint servers and others).
* direct access to corporate applications without using a VPN.

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