50 VLC Media Player Shortcuts Keys

50 VLC Media Player Shortcuts Keys fastest way to activate options for VLC Media Player is to use keyboard shortcuts. While some are intuitive, others will be completely unknown. VLC is the media player best known and used. The reasons: open any video, it is fast and supports subtitles, multiple audio channels, filters, etc. besides offering many other features.

50 VLC Media Player Shortcuts Keys
50 VLC Media Player Shortcuts Keys

50 VLC Media Player Shortcuts Keys

Shortcut KeysDescription of shortcut Keys
SpacebarPlay / Pause.
NNext file in the playlist.
QPrevious file in the playlist.
FFull screen.
BChange audio track.
VChange subtitle track.
GOvertaking subtitles.
HDelaying subtitles.
JOvertaking audio.
KDelaying audio.
+Play faster.
-Play slower.
Shift + Right ArrowGo forward 3 seconds.
Shift + Left Arrowback 3 seconds.
Alt + Right ArrowMove forward 10 seconds.
Alt + Left ArrowBack 10 seconds.
Ctrl + Right ArrowForward 1 minute.
Ctrl + Left ArrowBack 1 minute.
Ctrl + Alt + Right ArrowForward 5 minutes.
Ctrl + Alt + Left ArrowBack 5 minutes.
Ctrl + Up ArrowIncrease volume.
Ctrl + Down arrowDecrease volume.
Shift + SSnapshot that will be saved in "My Pictures".
CTRL + LShow / Hide playlist
CTRL + HShow / Hide Controls
CTRL + PPreferences
CTRL + QClose
CTRL + Up ArrowVolume Up
CTRL + Down ArrowVolume Down
CTRL + QClose
Ctrl + BBookmarks.
Ctrl + COpens the capture device.
Ctrl + Dopen media - disk.
Ctrl + ESettings Extras. Effects audio, video and sync.
Ctrl + FOpen Folder.
Ctrl + Iinformation medium.
Ctrl + JInformation codecs.
Ctrl + M messages.
Ctrl + Nmedium Open Network (enter a URL).
Ctrl + OOpen File.
Ctrl + Shift + OOpen multiple files.
Ctrl + RConvert / Save.
Ctrl + VEnter URL or playing media path.
Ctrl + XLoad the playlist.
Ctrl + YSave the playlist.
Shift + SCapture an image of the screen.
Shift + R Toggles recording.
Ctrl + QExit.

VLC (formerly VideoLAN Client) is a lightweight cross-platform media player and open-source that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, also allows you to view streaming media from computers and remote servers. Today, after many years in the market, VLC is one of the player’s world ‘s most popular video, with a user base that eagerly awaits new updates to its already impressive set of services that allows anyone to control reproduction, transmission, and recording media.

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