9th Class Computer Science

9th class computer science – This is the solved exercise chapter no 1 “Fundamental of Computer” question no 1. The 9th class computer science Sindh text book has very good content for students. The 9th class computer science almost covers all important topics which are necessary for computer science students.

9th Class Computer Science

9th Class Computer Science
9th Class Computer Science

Discuss the use of computer in any two fields of life.

Computer is using in all areas of our lives; it made our lives easy and comfort. Therese are following two fields where computer is present in high peak.

  • Education

Computer is using in Education field as a support to teachers and students such as Long distances education, online assignments, tutorial systems and virtual assistance. The use of computer in classrooms is also providing enrich experience and better achievements for both teachers and students.

  • Commercial Sector

Computer is widely using in administration, finance, commerce and accounting for processing large amount of data and information. Computing is solving complex calculations of payroll, inventory, budget and ATMs etc.

Differentiate Compiler and Assembler.

Compiler and Assembler are language translator which are used to make a program executable. Both have different methods to translate the code into machine level. The difference between Compiler and Assembler is shown below.



Translate high level code into a machine language Translate low level code into a machine code
Translate the whole code into machine at the same time It checks each instruction and converts into machine code
There are seven phases for translation There are only two phases for machine code
The translation is according to version of machine The output is in Binary (0, 1) format
It is easy in debugging It is difficult in debugging

Differentiate System and Application Software

Computer software is divided into categories which are System software, and Application Software. There is a lot of difference between them, here we are going discuss about the difference between System software and Application software

System Software

Application Software

It is designed to communicate with hardware and Application software It is designed to communicate with user and his requirements.
System software starts running when the system turns on, and runs until the system is not turn off Application software runs only on the request of the user.
System cannot run, without System software System can run, without Application software
The system software is for general use The application software is used for specific purpose
Example are, Windows, Linux, Android etc. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Paint etc.

Describe Artificial Intelligence with examples

Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean creating such systems which can think and act like human beings. AI is found everywhere in the modern world. Let’s see some example of AI.

  • Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail is also called Email. There are lot of services of Emails, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Live etc. These mails systems have AI, to identify the SPAM emails and messages. The AI system protects your Email from viruses and fraud.

  • Web Browsers

Web browsers mean Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other related programs which provides you safe surfing the Internet. These programs have AI system to protect you from harmful websites and other Internet services.

  • GPS Application

GPS (Global Positioning System) applications are useful to find the best route for travelling. GPS applications are also based on AI system to monitor traffic in real time, accidents information, and about busy road.

Discuss Impact and Non-Impact Printers with examples

The printers are commonly used now a days to make a hardcopy or permanent copy of any softcopy or output. The printers are based on two types which are Impact printer and Non-Impact printer.

  • Impact Printers

Impact Printers are old printers which directly hit the ink of ribbon on paper. The hitting of ink ribbon on the paper cause noise. But these printers are still popular due to low cast print. It works slow as compare to non-impact printer. Example of Impact printer are dot matrix, daisy wheel and line printers.

  • Non-Impact Printer

Non-Impact Printer are latest model of printer which are based on laser or inkjet technology. These printers don’t use any direct hitting part on paper and moving part, therefore, these are less noisy. The example of Non-Impact Printers are Inkjet printer and Laser printers.

Write the use of these storage devices: Hard Disk, USB Flash Disk, SD Card

The storage devices are important hardware in computer science. The storage devices are used to store data permanently for later use. Each storage device has a different purpose to use. Let’s discuss some important storage devices and their usage.

  • Hard Disk

Hard disk drive (HDD) is main storage device to store data permanently. The HDD stores all data and information of the user and the system. The operating systems and programs are stored on it for the system, while file, data, and information are stored for the user.

  • USB Flash Disk

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is also used for permanently storage. The permanently storage mean data or information doesn’t not lose on power off on the hardware. The main purpose of USB is to take your data from one place to another which is called portable. You can copy your data on the USB and take it anywhere.

  • SD Card

SD stand for Secure Digital. It has the same usage like USB, but the main purpose of SD Card is to use your data into mobile phone. You can copy your multimedia files, office files, and other files to use in mobile phone. You can also port your data using SD Card.

Which monitor will you prefer in your school; CRT or FPD? Why?

Monitors are used to display output (softcopy) from the computer. The preference of monitors is based on price, screen color, electric usage, weight and size, and latest technology. Let’s check according to said points which is better.




Stands for Cathode Ray Tube Flat Panel Display
Price Low price High price
Screen Color It has not good color, which can cause pain for eyes Nice HD color, and comfortable for eye against CRT
Electric Usage It consumes more power, so the low-price loss the advantage It consumes low power, so high price got advantage.
Weight and Size It has more weight and size against FDP It has less weight and size against CRT
Latest Technology It has old technology It has latest technology.

The above comparison shows that FDP monitors are preferable against CRT.  So, I will prefer FPD monitor for my school.

List any Five components present on motherboard.

  • VGA Port
  • USB Port
  • LAN Port
  • CPU
  • PCI Slot
  • Audio in port
  • Audio out port

9th class computer science – This is the first chapter question, which are not available in 9th class computer science. Therefore, the article “9th class computer science” is written.

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