Best Indian series Netflix

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Best Indian series Netflix – Following is the list of Best Indian series Netflix and amazon. You will find the Best Indian series Netflix and amazon. The following list of Best Indian series on Netflix is based on my personal experience. It was really hard to number them according to Story, Screenplay, dialogues, acting and lot more.

Best Indian Series Netflix

Best Indian series Netflix
Best Indian series Netflix
  1. Mirzapur: A brilliantly scripted series where it makes you fall in love with each and every positive character and makes you hate the gut of every negative ones. Brilliantly executed! Story, screenplay, dialogues, acting, cinematography in short everything is just awesome.
  2. The Family Man: is a completely different approach to what we are used to see on our streaming platforms now a days. I really appreciate the scripting they put into it, it great over all. They have got every aspect covered up, in terms of family, job, friends, work ethics and relationships.
  3. Scam 1992: It’s a biopic actually. I don’t know why am I calling it a crime story! Yeah, it’s my opinion. Forget the first dialogue, the series grabs your attention from the intro music itself. Everyone acted amazingly.
  4. Inside Edge: Really awesome series. And will be even more of a treat to watch if you are a cricket fan. The attention to detail is really great, be it the aspects related to on field action or how spot fixing works. The casting is perfect and the directors are able to extract rock solid performances from each character.
  5. Ghoul: Ever since the trailer was released, I was waiting impatiently for it, ghoul lives up to it expectations. It’s a must watch, direction is brilliant and so are the actors. A true horror which will keep u on the edge of the seat. Well, a little more twist in the end or another angle could have wonders and kept the suspense alive for season 2.
  6. Bose Dead/Alive: is a great step by the director, I wanted to Know about his life much in detail, but I couldn’t as I didn’t find any source at my reach neither have, I seen any movies made on him. After watching Bose, I got a clear idea of his life, Bose has been one of the most vibrant people with dynamic personality and has played a very integral part in the history of our country. One of the bravest freedom fighters of our times.
  7. Abhay: Before starting the series, my expectation was very low. But I was surprised to see how good the series is. Everyone did good job specially Kunal. Series has a dark theme to it. Story and screenplay are good enough to keep the viewers engaged.
  8. Special Ops: Nice interesting narration, best screenplay and direction. The picturized locations selection is so costly and never expected to choose for serial episodes. Usually for high star-studded high budget movies are supposed to be selected such locations.
  9. Investigation: Actually, I never had heard of it and it is actually a better series which wasn’t marketed maybe. Not sure about that but the story is pretty well and looks good when you see everything from Negative side of the series
  10. Flesh: Could have been better if done with a better actor for negative role. Swara and other cops played well in the series. But negative role looked very artificial. Though the potential required for the role didn’t come out. Some editing seems cliche but still entirely series is well executed.

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