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Data recovery refers to the techniques used to recover files that have been lost or removed from a storage medium. There are two basic ways to lose information means: physical loss of data or logical data loss.

Physical data loss, which is the most complicated, involves a real problem on the surface where the data is stored. For example, a scratch on a CD . In general, the information is physically altered is more difficult ( if not impossible) to recover.

The logical data loss is deleting files using the option “delete file” of any operating system ( you can also go through a virus).

In hard disks and other storage media, files are not actually deleted from the disk, but are marked as deleted. The operating system interprets these places marked as deleted disk are actually free space and, therefore, can write about them. Often the information is not overwritten marked so quickly, and for this reason can be recovered.

Ontrack data recovery software

Ontrack data recovery

Ontrack data recovery allows you to scan all volumes in a local system and build a directory tree of lost or deleted files data recovery. Users can recover data by searching by name. In addition, its fast scanning engine allows you to quickly build the list of files with an intuitive file manager which includes the …