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Windows Powershell also makes available its own powershell script and powershell commands to create scripts in the classic style of powershell version. In powershell script language ( PSL ) makes available includes variables, loops, conditionals, functions and error handling in any powershell version.

Powershell commands in PowerShell

By default, there is a data set that default PowerShell displays and automatically generates when we called the Get-Help command. The most important are:

  • Name: Obtained from the file name our script or function name.
  • Syntax: Extracted from the signing of our script or function.
  • Parameter List: This time, if we include details on the parameters with which we explain below, the information will be extracted from there. Otherwise, after the signature of our script or function.

When documenting our scripts and our PowerShell functions we need to know the expected structure for the command Get-Help or self Host can extract the information.

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ESD to WIM Converter

ESD to WIM Converter is a simple tool to convert install.esd to install.wim. The install.esd file is used in Windows 10 setup. Using ESD to WIM tool you don’t have to use the DISM command. DISM commands are complex and difficult to use for general users. ESD to WIM provides simple GUI to select install.esd …