Change Desktop Icon View Windows 10

Change Desktop Icon View Windows 10 provides enrich experience to customize setting according to fit need of users. Windows 10 is an aesthetic point of view. The most elegant operating system of Microsoft. It is a matter of taste, of course, but critics and users agree that their, almost spartan, minimalist, clean and clear design is very pleasing to the eye, and very comfortable to use.

The default display of Windows 10 is excellent. But each person is different and in the same way that we like to decorate and organize our way to the desk or room in which we place our PC. It is also essential customize to our taste desktop Windows 10 which ultimately will accompany us in the coming years. We will dedicate this article to customize Windows 10 . Perform simple and fun actions to change the display theme, decoration, font type and size and lock screen.

Change Desktop Icon View Windows 10

Windows 10 gives you only three sizes for Desktop icons: Large, Medium and Small. Although you can resize them using Ctrl+mouse wheel, you can’t change them to any view like Explorer. In this article, we will see how to apply any Explorer view to Desktop icons. Just click on empty space of desktop and apply these shortcut keys one by one.

SHORTCUT                    VIEW
Ctrl + Shift + 1            Extra Large Icons
Ctrl + Shift + 2            Large Icons
Ctrl + Shift + 3            Medium Icons
Ctrl + Shift + 4            Small Icons
Ctrl + Shift + 5            List
Ctrl + Shift + 6            Details
Ctrl + Shift + 7            Tiles
Ctrl + Shift + 8            Content

Using this you can apply all given shortcuts for Change Desktop Icons View in Windows 10. Ctrl + Shift + 6 provide full access like you are working in explorer. Ctrl + Shift + 5 Detail view provides more options to customize your desktop view.

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