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Clone main Hard Drive with another Hard Drive
Clone main Hard Drive with another Hard Drive

Clone main Hard Drive with another Hard Drive

XXCLONE allows to Clone main Hard Drive with another Hard Drive. This includes all installed applications and optionally at boot sector. This way you can easily migrate your system or make a backup. This free version contains the basic functions. You need to acquire a license to access advanced options.

Clone main Hard Drive with another Hard Drive

The disk on which the backup is performed can be configured to enable it as a bootable disk. So you can make a change of unity and to boot and system load from the cloned disk. XXCLONE does not do what other similar applications, ie, create an image of the original disc, only deals copying files from the original to cloned. You can copy from FAT to NTFS systems and vice versa. The program supports USB, ATA and SATA disks. It is also able to duplicate the Volume ID, repair a disk that is not bootable, and some more features.

These are the salient features of XXCLONE :

  • Backs XXCLONE (clones) of Windows system disk to another disk, including system files, installed applications, and all data files.
  • It is an ideal place to make a regular backup of the system disk tool on a regular basis.
    The target disc supports auto-start, allowing you can replace the main disc without additional measures (such as the restoration procedure).
  • You can migrate your Windows disk into a new unit, with a different capacity (usually larger).
  • The algorithm used, HyperSync , makes the operation of regular backup is extremely fast.
  • XXCLONE operates within the Windows environment in the background, allowing you to use your computer while the backup is performed.

It is not very common, but some happens that again, the hard drive of your computer crashes and the system stops working. To avoid a loss of all documents, images, programs and settings, it is not worth making a backup, create a clone of the hard disk that keeps the team alive before it occurs. XXCLONE Freeware deals with it it is an application designed to make a copy of a disk on another drive in order to keep information safe and always have on hand emergency recovery

Download Link (XXCLONE)

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