Disable Ads Windows 11

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You can rapidly Disable Ads Windows 11, like promotions in File Explorer and on the Lock Screen, ideas in Settings and on the Desktop, etc. What Microsoft shows is really not Disable Ads Windows 11 or pennants like you see on sites.

The Redmond firm is rather advancing its own administrations and applications. A few notices might incorporate “fun realities” or ideas Microsoft considers helpful to the end client. In any case, clients frequently think that they are irritating.

Disable Ads Windows 11

Such ads are the same old thing to Windows 11. The OS share a ton of normal with its ancestor. It is Windows 10 where Microsoft previously presented such special notices. Alongside work area toasts that show tips and application ideas, it likewise incorporated a special standard for OneDrive straightforwardly in File Explorer.

windows registry editor caution
windows registry editor caution

The Windows registry (Regedit) is a file in hexadecimal instruction is composed of a series of instructions, services, applications and necessary for the proper functioning of the operating system configurations. When we make a change in this record we risk this stop functioning properly and thus, our operating system will no longer do so and also without backup, it is very difficult to restore proper operation. Therefore, you must “Take Backup of Windows Registry“.

To apply this Windows registry (Regedit) you should open Windows Registry Tool and browse the following Regedit path step by step or you can jump to target Windows Registry Tool with a single click.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Disable ads in File Explorer

; Disable tips about Windows features

; Disable ads on the Lock screen in Windows 11

;Disable tips about Windows features

; Disable automatic installation of apps in Windows 11

; Disable suggestions in the Settings app

; Disable the "Tailored Experiences" diagnostic data

; Disable personalized ads in Windows 11 apps

Copy the above code and paste it in Notepad and save the file with .reg extension, after saving the file, double click to run the file and accepts all messages to Disable Ads Windows 11.

After applying anyone method from above you will see the following User Account Control “UAC“. This UAC will confirm “Do you want to allow this app to make a change to your device?“. So if you want to open Windows Registry Editor tool you should click on “Yes”

create backup windows registry
create backup windows registry

Now its time to reboot the computer for applying the settings of Disable Ads Windows 11. You’re presumably shocked with the number of ads Microsoft is pushing in Windows 11. Notwithstanding those referenced over, the Settings application is one more area for commercials on your Windows 11 gadget. While there are no ads put on the Settings application yet, there’s a choice in it that recommends that Microsoft will carry out ads in the application sooner or later.

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