Download VLC for any Operating system

Download VLC for any Operating system – VLC is a powerful media play among the battle of media players. VLC provides support for almost all kinds of audio and video formats. VLC is a free media player across all the platforms. You not only run audio and video file format but also for online streaming and for CCTV cam streaming. VLC provides a lot of shortcut keys that provide fast and reliable access for users. If you can want to search about VLC shortcut keys, you should check the article. VLC also provides a portable facility; you can run VLC without installing. You have any Operating system, it will sport your audio and video file, so you can download VLC for any Operating system.

Download VLC for any Operating system

Following is the link you can Download VLC for any Operating system. Please see the list carefully, and click to download VLC media player according to your System software. VLC provides a simple and easy interface to the user. VLC is a lightweight media player which doesn’t hang or halt CPU while playing different kinds of video format movies.


Download VLC for Windows

Download VLC for Windows Store

Download VLC for Windows Phone

Apple Platforms

Download VLC for Mac OS X

Download VLC for iOS

Download VLC for Apple TV


Download VLC for Debian GNU/Linux

Download VLC for Ubuntu

Download VLC for Mint

Download VLC for openSUSE

Download VLC for Gentoo Linux

Download VLC for Fedora

Download VLC for Arch Linux

Download VLC for Slackware Linux

Download VLC for ALT Linux

Download VLC for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Other Systems

Download VLC for Android

Download VLC for Chrome OS

Download VLC for FreeBSD

Download VLC for NetBSD

Download VLC for OpenBSD

Download VLC for Solaris

Download VLC for QNX

Download VLC for Syllable

Download VLC for OS/2


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