Download webpage as pdf on Android Mobile

download webpage as pdf – Android is the most popular OS in mobile users. Almost every user has specific requirements that should fulfill from his mobile device. Internet surfing is common who are using Android or any other smartphone. Sometimes mobile users want webpage or file save as pdf. Therefore, they used different ways to convert webpage to pdf online and offline. Download webpage as pdf doesn’t require any special skill, you can simply convert webpage to pdf or download webpage as pdf.

Download webpage as pdf on Android Mobile

Google Chrome should install on your Mobile device to save as pdf file. Using this way, you can convert email to pdf and also convert webpage to pdf. First of all, open the page, email, and another document that you want to convert.

Click on three vertical dots on the Google Chrome browser, the three vertical dots may be on top of the Chrome browser or at the bottom.

Click on the “Share” command from three vertical dots menu.

Share command will show you a different application to share with them, you have to choose the “Printer” command from the menu.

When you will click on the “Printer” command it will show you a new page, with print preview. Here you can set page margin and other important settings.

Once your setting is done, click on the “Save as PDF” button. When you will click on the “Save as PDF” button it will show you where you want to save your PDF file.

Select the destination, and click on the “Save” button.

Now you can open the “Save as PDF” file from saved location. After converting webpage to pdf or downloading webpage as pdf you may save it on Google Drive to share with friends and for personal latter use.

If you could not understand the above information, you can watch the above-discussed demonstration in the video. So, hope it will help you a lot.

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