Find Abbreviations in Microsoft Word

Find Abbreviations in Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word is the most powerful text editor in worldwide. Microsoft word provides you an excellent tool to format text, add text, add images, tables, spell checking a lot more. Including all such powerful tools, Microsoft also provides find abbreviations options in Microsoft Word. It is very hand and easy to find abbreviations in short and long documents. There is no script and formula to accomplish the task. It is very simple and straightforward just follow the below steps

Find Abbreviations in Microsoft Word

It can be a very time killing process to search abbreviations in MS Word in the long document. If you search by default using Find and Replace dialog box you cannot jump directly to the target words. Fortunately, you can jump and search all abbreviations using just a single search.

  • Open the file in Microsoft Word
  • Press (CTRL+H) to open Find and Replace window
  • Click on Find tab
  • Type or copy and paste <[A-Z] {2, }> in Find What
  • Click on More>> button
  • Click on Use wildcard checkbox
  • From Reading Highlight, click on Highlight All

You will notice that all abbreviations are highlighted. Now you can simply apply anything on highlighted words such as formatting etc.

Find Abbreviations in Microsoft Word is a very useful option to search your target words. If you are running an organization you should guide your workers to follow the shortcut key for MS Word. Shortcut keys improve your work speed. You can find more benefits while working over MS Word just shortcut keys for Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word 2019 required some time to sign in online. You can simply get rid of it to follow the article Open MS Word 2019 without online sign in

You can watch the video to understand how to find abbreviations in Microsoft Word.

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