Format USB using DISKPART

Format USB using DISKPARTDISKPART is a very useful utility for formatting USB, Flash Drive, removable hard drive, SD card, Memory card, or Thumb drive. DISKPART helps to solve the issues when USB shows unknown capacity, The USB write protected, USB is showing less capacity, and a lot more issues. DISKPART is easy to use to fix almost every problem with Flash Drive.

Format USB using DISKPART
Format USB using DISKPART

Format USB using DISKPART

Format USB using DISKPART – In the article we will discuss how to use DISKPART utility for formatting USB Drive etc. While using DISKPART your data will be lost, and you may be cannot get back your data. Therefore, it is recommended to you please backup of your data if possible. If you are using more than one USB drive at the time, please remove all except the one.

  •  Click on Windows Start Button
  • Type “CMD” without quotes, you will see Command Prompt in search box
  • Right click on the Command Prompt and click on “Run as administrator”
  • When Command Prompt open, type Diskpart and hit Enter key
  • Diskpart
  • Next type list disk and hit Enter key, it will show you all connected disk
  • List disk
  • Now see all your connected disks, and check what is your USB Number (carefully) and type select disk with number and hit Enter key
  • Select disk #
  • After making sure, you have selected the right disk number, type clean and hit Enter key
  • Clean
  • Next step is to create primary partition, just type create partition primary and hit Enter key
  • create partition primary
  • Now type Active to make the partition active
  • Active
  • Type the following command for NTFS format
  • format FS=NTFS label=neeosearch
  • The last step is to assign a letter, you should watch all partition letter, and choose next letter. Here is using K drive letter.
  • Assign letter=K

Now you can exit, from DISKPART, click on close button, or you can type exit, again exit.

Format USB using DISKPART – Once you have done above steps, I am sure your problems will solve. DISKPART provides rich experience related for formatting USB, Flash Drive, removeable hard drive, SD card, Memory card, or Thumb drive.

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