Google Chrome Offline Installer free download

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Google Chrome offline installer – Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser all the time. Google Chrome provides a lot of security features and regular updates to keep your browsing secure. You can free download Google Chrome offline installer for any operating system in 32-bit or 64-bit. Chrome offline installer doesn’t provide auto-updates, you have to manually download it, or you can watch this video, how to update Google Chrome of any operating system. You can download Google Chrome offline installer free according to your operating system requirements.

Google Chrome Offline Installer free download

Google Chrome online installer is a problem for low-speed Internet-connected users. If you are downloading Google Chrome, but due to some issues you may lose the Internet connection. The downloaded Chrome online installer data, you may have to restart. Google Chrome provides an online installer which is almost 1 MB size.

Google chrome offline installer
Google chrome offline installer

Once you have download Chrome offline setup, you don’t need more files from the Internet. Chrome offline installer of Google Chrome contains all files which are required for installation and web browsing. It helps a lot to avoid from download again and again while using Google Chrome online installer. You can simply copy Chrome offline setup on USB, and install on any Laptop, or personal computer. If you are new about Chrome, you should read the article “Important Google Chrome Features Explained“, and you must learn “Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts” to speed up your work.

What’s New in Chrome

Google Chrome version released with three main updates and almost more than 50 security patch fixes. In Google 79 auto freeze was optional for the users to enable it. Chrome 80 has a freeze tab option enabled by default. It is auto unable to reduce memory usage on systems.

Lesser notificationsLesser notifications are a great and fresh feature in Google 80 if you have blocked any website or page, and when you will visit the page again, the notification will say hidden. It will not force you to catch your intension.

SameSite – Google Chrome 80 has improved the security feature of SameSite. The purpose behind the SameSite option is to allow or restrict cookies on the system. SameSite in Chrome 80 has the following options and their usage.

  • SameSite by default cookies – When you enable this option it will not affect your system browser and its cookies will not specify the SameSite attribute either it belongs to SameSite=Lax.
  • Enable removing SameSite=None cookies – Enable this option will improve the user interface on chrome://settings/siteData to detect and remove the saved cookies from websites to protect your browsing history from theft.
  • Cookies without SameSite must be secure – If you enable this option, the SameSite restrictions will remain secure from unauthorized access. The restrictions will apply to your browser to secure the set attributes.

Secure media – Secure media is a nice feature and good news for entertainment lovers. If your visiting page is un-secure in any case, Chrome 80 will automatically upgrade a secure connection between your system and the website.

What’s New in Chrome 79

Today on December 10, 2019, Google is going to release the updates on Chrome Web Browser. Google is trying best to save memory and CPU usage. The latest update of Google Chrome is mainly based on it. The updates are applied to all versions of Google Chrome including Mobile Web Browser and PC Web Browser.

Tab Freezing – When you open many tabs in Chrome Web Browser, it causes the high usage of RAM and CPU. Tab freeze feature cleans up the taken resources of RAM and CPU that have not active after five or more minutes. If you want to use this tab freeze feature, you have to turn on it. This feature is not in working by default in the Web Browser. Just copy and paste the following URL in Chrome. The great advantage is not only to consume minimum system resources but also improve laptop battery life.


Tab Freezing allows you different settings for this feature, let’s discuss one by one which is very helpful to you for. When you will click on the “Default” button, it will show you the following option in the drop-down list.

What’s New in Chrome 79
What’s New in Chrome 79
  • Enable – Enable Tab Freeze mean by default tab freezing is not turn on, when you will click on “Enable”, it will turn on the feature on the Web Browser
  • Enable Freeze – No Unfreeze – When you select this option, it will not allow the frozen tab to active again. Once the opened tabs of web pages are not interactive in five or more minutes, those will not unfreeze until you reopen or restart the Web Browser.
  • Enable Freeze – Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes – This feature is used to make the above feature flexible. Once the tabs are freeze, the web browser allows you to interact or unfreeze the tab after fifteen minutes with ten seconds duration.
  • Disable – You can permanently disable the freeze tab feature to select the disable option from Tab Freeze.

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) – DoH provides more secure web browsing against HTTPS. DoH has also announced in Chrome 78 updates but originally added in Chrome 79. DoH can protect users from the fishing attack in real-time. It will provide a secure channel for surfing secure websites.

Dark Mode – dark mode is a new important feature of the year. Almost every application and operating system are trying best to provide a dark mode for better user experience. The chrome dark theme provides comfort to the eye. Chrome dark mode is a new update in the current version for Google Chrome. You may copy and paste the following link, to enable a chrome dark theme.


Password Manager – The password manager was launched the first time in February 2019. password security is now integrated function, it will notify you when your password is accessed to the cross the region. Therefore, it will force you to synchronize the password in your Gmail account.


Tabs Information – tabs information is a nice feature to know which webpage you have open. When you open different pages, it is difficult to know on which you want to jump. So the function allows you to mouse hover tab function, to get tabs information.


Send link to – this is a new function in the latest Google Chrome version that you can send a link to your mobile, laptop, and other portable and handheld devices. It is made easy to share your web links with your friends and family. You have to connect with your device and right-click on the page which you want to send. It’s done.

Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing – Google Safe Browsing is built into Chrome. Protect your phone with warnings that are displayed if you try to access dangerous websites or download harmful files.

Incognito Window – New incognito window of Google Chrome helps you to browse websites without saving history. You can simply press on three vertical dots on the top left of Google Chrome, and choose a new incognito window. You can also press the SHIFT+CTRL+N shortcut key of an incognito window in Google Chrome.

AutoComplete It is a very nice feature of Chrome, to speed up your web browsing. AutoComplete function can help you quickly fill forms, text boxes, and will show you your already visited links of websites.

Sync Setting of Chrome – Google Chrome allows you to save your passwords, favorite webpages, bookmarks, and other settings. The saved setting can use across all your devices. Sync Setting of Chrome will help you to stay connected with your data on any device.

Bookmark this page – Bookmark this page option shows at the top right of Google Chrome in the URL bar. A Star icon is showing, when you click on it, it turns to blue to bookmark the page. If the Star is already blue or bookmarked when you click it will ask to remove bookmark the page.

Google Chrome voice search – You can talk with Google Chrome using voice search. It is really nice when you don’t have a keyboard or don’t know how to type fast. You can enjoy this facility of Google Chrome to find answers to your questions.

Google Translator – Google Translator is built into a Google web browser; you don’t need to download and install any other plugin. You can translate any webpage to your required language. Google Translator will automatically detect your native language and will translate it when you will click on the translate button.

Save mobile data – Google Chrome saves your Mobile Internet data. When you activate save mobile data, it will save almost 60% data to compress text, video, pictures without losing quality. It is a great feature for mobile users to consume less data with the same quality of the text, video, and pictures.

Google Chrome Offline installer setup

The chrome offline setup is divided into two parts. These two parts are based on the currently installed version of operating systems. If we talk about Microsoft Windows operating system Windows 10 and other versions, are based on 32-bit and 64-bit versions. So be careful while you are downloading chrome offline installer setup according to the installed operating system.

Google Chrome Offline Installer 64 bit

If you have installed an operating system based on 64-bit, you should download chrome offline installer 64 bit according to the installed operating system. You can simply click on the below link to download Chrome offline installer 64 bit. It may take some time to download, so please wait a while.

Download Google Chrome offline installer 64 bit

Google Chrome Offline Installer 32 bit

If you have installed an operating system based on 32-bit, you should download Chrome offline setup 32 bit according to the installed operating system. You can simply click on the below link to download google chrome offline installer 32 bit. It may take some time to download, so please wait a while.

Download Google Chrome offline installer 32 bit

Google Chrome Online Installer

Google Chrome online installer is almost 1MB in file size. Google Chrome online installer is helpful if you don’t know which version of Windows you are using 32-bit or 64-bit. Google Chrome online installer can automatically detect the installed Windows version, and download the online Google chrome version. You can also download Google Chrome online installer from the below link.

Download Google Chrome online installer

If you are looking for Google Chrome shortcut keys, you may visit the cool shortcut keys to make your work fast and easy. You may visit some cool and nice tips which are so useful while working on Google Chrome.

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