Identify Unknown Files Without Extension in Windows

Identify unknown files without extension in Windows is complex task. Many times we run into files on our computer or downloaded from the internet that have no file extension. This is unknown to Windows and can not know which program opens. The extension of a file are usually three letters at the end of the name separated by a point. Which tell Windows which program should open and the operating system can identify. If the program is already installed on the computer.

The files that have no extension file is impossible to know how open or run. By giving two clicks on them in Windows 10/8.1/8 the window with the message opens: “as you want to open this file type”, suggesting find an application in the store. It is always possible to give a click “More options” to indicate the program manually. This only works if we suspect the file type, but is almost impossible to succeed.

Identify unknown files without extension in Windows

The execution of a procedure of this kind can be simplified FileTypeID. It is a freeware that can be used on all Windows operating systems. FileTypeID allows users to identify file extensions based on TrID. To do this …

  • Only to drag files directly to FileTypeID or select it using the option right  attached to it.
  • Finally click the button “Analyze” to start the process of analysis .
  • At this point, FileTypeID will return information about the file.
  • Under review also including the degree and type.

It should be noted that this is a portable software  and therefore to be used has no installation, and can also be carried in a USB device. FiletypeID is a file. Lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you view detailed information about a binary file, analyzing its signature.The application is particularly useful to see what type of file sent by e-mail FiletypeID is written in Python and based on PyQt4 TrIDLib.

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