Image Cropper and Resizer

Image Cropper and Resizer – it is very simple tool for resizing and cropping images. It has user friendly interface even for non-technical users. Image Cropper and Resizer can resize and crop your pictures no matter what is format and size. You can change size of images which looks benefits. Image cropping and resizing can help you to fit your picture according to the requirements.

Image Cropper and Resizer
Image Cropper and Resizer

Image Cropper and Resizer

Image Cropper and Resizer – it has many benefits which you find in paid software, Image Cropper and Resizer is free to use for your image and picture resizing and cropping.

 Automatic resizes photos Image Cropper and Resizer preforms automatic adjustment of photos. You can select size on disk and it will automatically reduce the size of photos. Image Cropper and Resizer is perfect choice for resize or crop the images to exact size.

Easy to Use – we tried our best to make it user friendly and easy to use. Simple click on “Open Picture” button it will load your selected picture. Click on “Save Picture (s)” button to save your cropped and resized images, photos, or pictures. You can select multiple images, give the names, and click on “Add cropped image to Que” button. You can also put the size of picture on disk. You can also clear the list just to click on “Empty list” button. Once you done your cropping, name, size on disk, add cropped image to que, just finally click on “Start” button. Now wait till “Done” message.

Real Time Preview – While the cropping and resize of photo, you will see the picture in “Cropped image preview” box. It will enhance your experience of picture resizing and cropping.

Free of cost – Photo cropping and resizing is the free of cost, and you don’t need to pay any charges while using the tool. There is also no any limit on the tool you can use it for as many times as you want to use.

How to Resize and Crop Your Image

  • Click on “Open Picture” button, and select your picture
  • Click on “Save Picture(s)” button and select your destination folder
  • Crop your images, you will see the cropped image you re-crop the photo
  • Type the name of your picture
  • Give the size on disk in KB, or you can uncheck it, if you don’t care about size
  • Click on “Add cropped image to que”
  • Now repeat above steps as many times as much you want the images
  • Finally click on “Start” button.
  • It’s done

Image Cropper and Resizer – It is second version of the tool, It will be very glade to me, if you provides feedback about Image Cropper and Resizer.

Image Cropper and Resizer 2.3 – The screen adjustment problem is fixed, Now the tool can even use on 800×600 screen resolutions. There is no problem what ever your computer has resolution. The tool can automatically adjust its settings according to your computer screen height and width.

Download Latest Version

Download link for  [Image Cropper and Resizer 2.3]

Image Cropper and Resizer 2.2 – Images, pictures, or photos resizing algorithm is updated. Now you can resize your pictures more fast than previous ones. Check box for resizing images is updated. So hope you will enjoy the fast experience of resizing the photos.

Download link for  [Image Cropper and Resizer 2.2]

Image Cropper and Resizer 2.1 – In this version of images name are shown while working over them. Now you can see which file is under processing. The current updated version will show “Please wait” message on the screen for real time analyzing the currently updating the photos.

Download link for  [Image Cropper and Resizer 2.1]

Image Cropper and Resizer 2.0 – You can resize your pictures, photos, images according to your required size on disk. If you want to apply or upload your pictures, photos, images with a specific size such as 20KB, 25KB and nKB, Image Cropper and Resizer is the best choice for you.

Download link for  [Image Cropper and Resizer 2.0]

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