Important Google Chrome Features Explained 2020

Important Google Chrome Features Explained – Google Chrome is a leading web browser among the battle of Web Browsers. The Important Google Chrome Features are unique and easy to use, unlike other web browsers. Google Chrome web browser holds maximum shares in the market against all Web Browsers. The leading, charming, and Important Google Chrome Features of Google Chrome direct to the World’s number one web browser. If you did not install and use the Chrome web browser, you can download

Google Chrome offline installer.

Important Google Chrome Features

There are hundreds of Important Google Chrome Features which are serving people in their daily use. It is difficult to explain all those features, but some Important Google Chrome Features are explained. Google Chrome also provides shortcut keys to speed up your work.

Important Google Chrome Features
Important Google Chrome Features

The Important Google Chrome Features are chrome dark mode, chrome flags settings, autofill chrome extension, Task Manager of Google chrome,  Pin Tab, Incognito Mode, Reopen the Tabs Easily, Sync your Google account, Hidden Game, Drag and drop tab, Zoom in and out, Delete web browsing history, Enlarge the Font size in Tabs, Desktop site view, and Bookmarks manager.


Google Chrome 80 has improved the security feature of SameSite. The purpose behind the SameSite in Important Google Chrome Features option is to allow or restrict cookies on the system. SameSite in Chrome 80 has the following options and their usage.

  • SameSite by default cookies – When you enable this option it will not affect your system browser and its cookies will not specify the SameSite attribute either it belongs to SameSite=Lax.
  • Enable removing SameSite=None cookies – Enable this option will improve the user interface on chrome://settings/siteData to detect and remove the saved cookies from websites to protect your browsing history from theft.
  • Cookies without SameSite must be secure – If you enable this option, the SameSite restrictions will remain secure from unauthorized access. The restrictions will apply to your browser to secure the set attributes.

Manage Unsafe Websites

The current version of Important Google Chrome Features has turned on malware and phishing detection to save users from different dangerous and deceptive content. There are six kinds of warnings in the Web browser to aware the user from the attacks. If you see any kind of unsafe message, you should not visit the site.

  • Deceptive site ahead – when you see “Deceptive site ahead” warning message from any site, it is possible the site has phishing content to deceive you and steal your personal data.
  • The site ahead contains malware – when you receive “The site ahead contains malware” message in the Chrome browser, the website can install any bad software, malware, and script to hack your system.
  • Did you mean [site name] or is this the right site – When Google chrome did not understand properly about the security management of the site “Did you mean [site name] or is this the right site”, Chrome ask from users about to take the decision.
  • Suspicious site – When you try to open an unsafe website, Google chrome warns you to with the message “Suspicious site”. Google doesn’t confirm about it, which kind of security issue is there, it may be happening sometime your system invalid date and time.
  • This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources – When you see the message “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources” from Chrome. You should leave the website immediately.  It will install malware and auto scripts on your system.
  • The site ahead contains harmful programs – when the loaded webpage in Chrome shows the message “The site ahead contains harmful programs”, its mean the site starts to track your history or create a problem when you are online browsing.

Tab Freezing

Tab Freezing – It is the latest feature in Google Chrome to freeze the tab which is inactive from the last five minutes and more. This is very helpful to save the CPU clock and RAM space. By default, the tab freeze setting is not enabled, you have to manually enable it to visit the following URL link [Google Chrome offline installer] to turn on Tab Freezing


Once you will visit the above URL, you will see tab freeze settings such as Enable, Enable Freeze – No Unfreeze, Enable Freeze – Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes, and Disable. The detail information tab freezing feature of Google Chrome web browser you can read from this link.

Enlarge the Font Size in Tabs

Enlarge the Font size in Tabs – It is a great feature for those people who have weak eyesight. They can increase the font size in tabs to view web pages easily.

  • Click on three dots (ellipsis) it may be on the top right side, or bottom right side
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Appearance – In Google Chrome Appearance you can find themes settings, show home button, show bookmarks bar, font size, customize fonts, and page zoom. You can choose a very small, small, medium (Recommended), large, and very large font from font size. Customize font provides you an extra feature to set font sizes. Customize font offers font size to swipe the bar from tiny to huge, minimum font size also helps you to adjust font size with tiny to huge swipe bar according to your fit needs. You may choose a standard font style and click on advanced font settings for more settings.

 Desktop Site

Desktop site – This feature is available on the Android Chrome version. When you visit a website on your mobile device, it shows you the website in AMP mode or responsive webpage view. The look of the mobile Web Browser is different against the view on Desktop PC. Sometimes, you may face difficulty to find your desired option. Therefore, the Desktop site option allows you to view the website on mobile as the same view on Desktop PC.

  • Open your website in Chrome web browser
  • Click on three dots (ellipsis) it may be on the top right side, or bottom right side
  • In the menu, you can find the Desktop site option, you can click on it to change the view of the webpage.

Task Manager

Task Manager – This useful Google Chrome Feature was added on the Chrome web browser when people feedback to Google that it is consuming more memory. Google added this function to check out which page is resource hungry. It was great to step initiated by Google to reduce and free up RAM space.

  • Click on three dots (ellipsis) it may be on the top right side, or bottom right side
  • Click on More tools
  • More tools, you can choose “Task Manager
  • Google Chrome Task Manager will open. The Task Manager shortcut key is SHIFT+ESC. The Task Manager will show you Task names, memory footprint, CPU usage, and Network information.

Hidden Game

Hidden Game – Dinosaur game is a hot game in the Web Browser. You can play dinosaur games with or without connecting the Internet. It is very easy to play the game with the Chrome browser. You can also watch this video How to play a free game on Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome web browser
  • If your device is connected with the Internet, type chrome://dino/
  • Hit Enter key
  • Now press Space Key from the keyboard, you will see dinosaur will jump. Now you are ready to play the game. Now Dino will start to run, use Space Key to jump.

If your device is no connection to the Internet, just type any URL such as and press Enter key from your keyboard. Your device is not connected to the Internet, it will show you an offline page, with dinosaur icon. Now press Space Key, and the dinosaur will jump and ready for you to play the game.

Delete Web Browsing History

Delete web browsing history – Sometimes, you want to delete your browser history from the Web Browser. The Chrome web browser allows you to delete the web history according to your search material.  You can use CTRL+H to display the history with each tab date and time. Delete web browsing history you can also try the following way.

  • Open Google Chrome to Delete web browsing history
  • Press CTRL+H or Click on three dots (ellipsis) it may be on the top right side, or bottom right side
  • From the menu, click on History
  • You will see in the submenu, early visited eight links
  • For the full history, you can click again on History
  • You will see in URL [chrome://history/]
  • The history list from the current date and time will show.
  • Each link will have a checkbox, visited the link, and ellipsis. Now you can delete one by one your visited links, or you can check the multi checkboxes which you want to delete.

Zoom In and Out

Zoom in and out – This feature of Chrome allows you to Zoom in or out on just one page in Web Browsing. Some web pages have a small font size which causes difficulty to read the article. Therefore the tip of Google Chrome Feature, zoom in or out provides the best facility to increase font size. You can zoom in or out using the following procedure.

  • Open the webpage in the Web Browser
  • Press and hold the CTRL button and rotate the wheel button on the mouse
  • Rotate down will decrease webpage zoom and rotate up will increase webpage zoom

There is a second way to zoom in or out on the webpage. Click on ellipsis and you will see in menu zoom in and out. The plus sign (+) will increase the zoom and minus sign (-) will decrease zoom size.

Dark Mode

Dark mode – dark mode is new a necessary feature for operating systems, and Web Browsers. Internet users mostly spend their time in front of web browsers, therefore, to care for their eyes it is the requirement of the time to provide dark mode. There are also different kinds of extensions that allow a user to change the appearance of web browsers in dark mode. Now it is News Updated for Chrome users that dark mode is added in Google Chrome browser for Windows 10 users. The dark mode by default the dark mode feature is not enabled. Chrome users have to set it from Chrome flags settings. Just copy and paste the below address in Chrome URL, you will see the settings related to dark mode.

Dark mode in google chrome
Dark mode in google chrome


Dark mode provides you a variety of settings, you can set it according to your fit needs.

  • Enable
  • Enable with simple HSL-based inversion
  • Enable with simple CIELAB-based inversion
  • Enable with simple RGB-based inversion
  • Enable with selective image inversion
  • Enable with selective inversion of non-image elements
  • Enable with selective inversion of everything
  • Disable

Sync Settings

Sync settings – when you are working online, you can sync your settings online such as bookmarks, passwords, autofill forms, history of searches, and other related settings. You can do it when you are signed in into the Gmail account. To turn on sync settings, follow the steps

turn on sync settings in google chrome
turn on sync settings in google chrome
  • Click on three dots (ellipsis) it may be on the top right side, or bottom right side
  • Click on Settings

Now you can click on the “Turn on sync…” button, to enable the sync settings to feature in google chrome. Whenever you change your system or login on a friend’s computer, simply sign in your Gmail account, your all sync settings will be there. There is no restriction on any operating system, the same settings in Windows will apply in iOS, Linux, MAC, and Android.

Flag Settings

Flag Settings – These Important Google Chrome Features of flag settings are effective to improve the user’s browsing experience. Flag Settings are a combination of a lot of useful, and Important Google Chrome Features. When you apply some settings in Google Chrome and want to undo last settings you can press on Reset all to default button. If you want to access these useful Google chrome features you type or copy-paste the following URL


There are almost 300 unique features in Google Chrome flag settings. You can enable or disable the settings using the button with each set.

Note: – Enabling these features may cause to lose or compromise the security

Drag and Drop Tabs

Drag and Drop Tabs – The drag and drop feature in Chrome Web Browser plays an important role to separate different tabs from each other. You cannot only separate different tabs but also join one tab with other combined tabs. Ether you are separating a tab, or joining a tab you have to click on the tab where the name of the current URL is written. Don’t click in Chrome Browser windows, it will not work. You can watch the animation to understand how to drag and drop tabs in Google Chrome.

Drag and Drop Tabs in Google Chrome
Drag and Drop Tabs in Google Chrome
  • Right-click and hold on the tab with mouse
  • Now drag the tab from out the window
  • You will see now there is another window of the tab

You can also add a separate tab to the group of tab windows, to add a separate window to the group of windows just follow it.

  • Left-click and hold on the URL tab name place with the mouse
  • Now drag the tab to the group of tabs
  • Release the mouse button, when the tab window is adjusted

Autofill Extension

Autofill Extension – The Autofill Extension feature in Google Chrome is heaven for users who mostly fill the same form again and again. Autofill Extension feature of Chrome Web Browser allows users to add their data only for one time, it will fill-up the form or the same form on next time automatically. Using Chrome Autofill Extension, you can fill your name, cell number, email address, payment info, and more without any spelling mistake.

autofill form in google chrome
autofill form in google chrome
  • Just click on three dots (Ellipses) > Settings > Autofill, autofill contains three options

Password – It contains all your saved passwords in the web browser. You can view, edit, update and delete it.

Payment methods – It contains all your information about credit cards and other payment methods. You can change, view, update and delete your information.

Addresses and more – It contains addresses type of information, you can also apply any operation such as add, delete, or update any entry.

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode – This mode is also known as the private mode for web searching. In Incognito Mode your typed history doesn’t save, and you don’t have to remove history. You can open the Incognito window to click on

  • Click on three dots (Ellipses) > New incognito window

You can also open the New incognito window using the shortcut key of SHIFT+CTRL+N. In Incognito Mode the extension doesn’t work. If you want to use any installed extension in Incognito Mode you have to manually enable it in Incognito Mode. This is because to save your searching data form the third-party extension holders.

Bookmarks Manager

Bookmarks manager – It is a great future of Google Chrome to bookmarks web pages for future use. There may some such pages which are commonly visited when you turn on your computer. Therefore Google offers you to bookmark pages and open all Chrome bookmark web pages with a single click.

  • Open the Web page in a browser which you want to bookmark
  • Click on STAR icon in the URL bar
  • You can change or type any name in the Name bar
  • You can change the folder in the Bookmarks bar to save on different location
  • Finally, click on the “Done” button

The start will turn into a blue color when you will click on the Done button, the blue color shows that the bookmark is done successfully.

Reopen closed tabs

Reopen closed tabs – Sometimes accidentally you may close a tab which you are reading. You can reopen it from history, but you have to find the page link. It can be difficult for you to search the keyword in history to find the page. Here is a simple shortcut key of Google Chrome to reopen the closed tab, press CTRL+SHIFT+T. you will notice that the last closed tab is open again, you can also press again to open the second last closed page.

The discussed Important Google Chrome Features are mostly used in our daily life. There are also other important features of Google Chrome which required the detail attention of the advanced users. There are a lot of Important Google Chrome Features that are still missing from the eye of common users.

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