What You should know Before Recover Data 2021

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There are many cases in which you lose your data you want to recover data. Before recover data, you should know some important tips. Such as you might accidentally delete your files or you might format the pen drive which causes permanent file deletion. Even, data might be deleted due to virus or malware attack.

What You should know Before Recover Data 2021
What You should know Before Recover Data 2021

[Important TIP No. 1]

You even cannot retrieve data or even a file recovery if it is overwritten. As deleted data from an external drive such as a pen drive does not go to the recycle bin, you cannot use Windows or Mac Command Prompt to retrieve your lost data.

That means, if you store new data after accidentally deleting old ones, the old data get overwritten. And no data recovery software can retrieve overwritten data. If any software claims that it can recover overwritten data, that is a clear falsification.

[Important TIP No. 2]

However, you also should remember that you cannot run an online scan to recover data from an external pen drive. If you want to run an online scan, your computer does not allow you to do so for security issues.

What You should know Before Recover Data 2021

So, the only solution that you have is installing software to recover data. And in that case, I recommend you following data recovery software. My recommendation is based on three important issues.

  • Scanning speed
  • Easiness of using and data recovery rate
  • How much file system it supports?
  1. Wondershare Recoverit: It can recover data for both Mac and Windows. You need to follow only three steps to retrieve your valuable lost data. Amidst data recovery software, this software supports the maximum number of file systems along with 1000+ file types.
  2. Disk drill: You can retrieve documents, videos, archives, music, or photos by using this data recovery software. The free version of Disk Drill allows you to retrieve data up to 500 MB.
  3. Stellar: Compatible with both Mac and Windows. It supports NTFS, FAT, FAT16, exFAT, HFC, etc. file systems.

Recover Data – You can recover your audio, video, text, images, pictures, and other documents. Even the USB is accidentally Formatted, or,  a virus or malware attack.

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