Improve Windows 10 Security

Improve Windows 10 Security raises the question of whether it is sufficient to provide a powerful shield against the virus. Since Windows 10, the operating system comes pre-installed with Windows Defender called antivirus solution. Which actually is an updated version of Microsoft Security Essentials, previously offered Windows.

Improve Windows 10 Security Windows Defender only earned a 3.5 out of 6, making it clear that it is better to switch to another program. Most basic and some advanced users may argue that it is sufficient for Windows 10. But it would be a mistake to decide based only on their opinions. The reason is that not say their computers were attacked by viruses because their antivirus programs will not say anything about it.

Improve Windows 10 Security

The malware is not always destructive which would be visible but sometimes act as agents passing your data to hackers. These viruses are dangerous because they can supplant your financial identity, and what is worse, you never know they’re there when you sit at the computer. Therefore, it is advisable to have a dedicated security solution, preferably a company’s third party.

What is good about Windows Defender?

One of the positive things about it is that already included, so no need to install anything. You have an antivirus from the moment you install Windows 10. And most importantly, it is free. Saying it is free, we mean it does not come with pop-ups, advertising or unnecessary programs, which are present in most free antivirus programs. From the point of view of usability, it is perfect as not much to configure and does not interfere with the work of other programs.

The truth remains that there are many other best antivirus for Windows 10

Windows Defender may be sufficient for those who make limited use of the Internet and use it little more than to update your Facebook status. But for most of us, we perform tasks such as viewing attachments in email, download and try programs, shop and bank transactions, etc., it is best to seek a more sophisticated antivirus solution.

So what is the Best Antivirus for Windows 10?

No one should leave to chance the safety and security of your computer. The choice of antivirus should be based on the protection score achieved in tests of individual laboratories. And they suggest that Bitdefender and Kaspersky are the best options. Bitdefender is located at number 1 * for the fourth consecutive year and has a reputed name in the security industry.

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