Internet Browsers with Pros and Cons

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Internet Browsers with Pros and Cons solutions that are kept for years as the most used. The best browser for your desktop could be one you’re not using. But surely you have any of these options: Internet Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera there are tests that show clear differences in speed and ease of use.

Internet Browsers with Pros and Cons

That could be definitive for you to change your mind when choosing one or another. First let’s talk about each of them, especially if you do not already know. These versions are recent, but some browsers have a new version. Still, the comparison made by the web is with these specifications.

Internet Browsers with Pros and Cons

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge:Windows 10 brings new browser
Microsoft Edge: Windows 10 brings a new browser


  • Seamless integration with Windows 10 and Windows Phone.
  • Good performance of Javascript. It is also free of your engine.
  • Compatible with Chrome on how to render the pages.
  • Installed as standard on the new Windows operating systems.
  • Good use of RAM.


  • Very green by now. With much use speed and usually closes if you use it with great intensity.
  • Extensions are poor.
  • Only compatible with Windows.
  • Much of the code is proprietary.

Download Link (Microsoft Edge)

Google Chrome

google chrome 64 bit download
google-chrome 64-bit download



  • Good speed.
  • Light Interface.
  • Well suited to Google services.
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems and Smartphones.
  • A fantastic Javascript engine. Origin Node.
  • Clean development tools.
  • Interesting native extensions: Gmail offline, Google Docs (an Office), video conferencing, desktop sharing, video games … (among many others)


  • Google will try to use force.
  • Too many updates, but they are automatically applied.
  • Greater use of RAM, which can be a problem for computers limited (less than 1GB).
  • Proprietary code despite coming free software. What are you hiding?

Download Link (Google Chrome)

Mozilla Firefox

Download latest version of Mozilla firefox
Download latest version of Mozilla firefox


  • All extensions you could want.
  • Good compatibility.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Independent manager downloads.
  • Smartphone version very interesting.
  • Free Software philosophy in its purest form.


  • Somewhat slow (very little) compared to Chrome.
  • Interface ostentatious. I’m sure you can get more space for websites with the same buttons in the window.

Download Link (Mozilla Firefox)


Opera browser downloads
Opera browser downloads


  • Turbo Mode. Ideal for slow connections.
  • Versions for Smartphones great.


  • Owner Code. Although in this case, it is understandable as the company lives the software.
  • Few updates. It costs much to get new versions for Linux to come very late.
  • The loss of its magnificent mail client integrated. Now it is independent, but it is not the same.
  • Do not offer anything new. He had his moment, but it has failed to adapt to new times.

Download Link (Opera)

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