List of Excel Shortcut Keys 2020

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Excel Shortcut Keys – Microsoft Excel provides a huge variety to speed up your work. You may seem slower if you are working with the mouse instead of ms excel shortcut keys. The following list of Excel Shortcut Keys will show you how to insert row shortcut, delete row shortcut, add row and column in excel, add a current date in Microsoft Excel as well as Google excel sheet. These ms excel shortcut keys are not only for advanced users but also excel for beginners users.

Excel Shortcut Keys
Excel Shortcut Keys 2020

List of Excel Shortcut Keys

How to select an entire row in Excel

select entire row – Some time you need to select excel highlight active row, for this purpose you have to move the mouse at the line number to select. You can select the entire row with the short key to excel.


How to select an entire column in excel

select entire column – Microsoft Excel shortcut key allow you to select the entire column within time. It is very handy when you need to select the entire column without using the mouse. You can select the entire column with the shortcut key of excel


How to insert new row in excel

excel insert row shortcut – MS Excel shortcut keys and Google Excel sheet allow you to insert a row at any place. This is an important Excel shortcut key that should know excel for beginners.


How to add a column in excel

add a column in excel – Short keys of Excel and google excel sheet allow you to add a column in the spreadsheet. You can add a column in excel where you will apply the following short key of excel


How to copy upper cell value in the current cell

copy upper cell – Microsoft Excel allow you directly to copy and paste the above cell into the current cell. You don’t have to apply copy and paste commands for this process. Just apply the following ms excel shortcut key.

CTRL+” (double quotes)

What is shortcut key for autosum

shortcut key for autosum – Autosum of all selected cells is a handy function of Microsoft Excel. Using autosum shortcut key you don’t have to write an arithmetic series formula or sum formula in excel. Simply select the cells for addition and press


What is Excel time formula

excel time formula – You can also add time in any cell of Microsoft Excel using add current time excel shortcut key. The shortcut key of the excel time formula will show your current time according to your System.


What is Excel date formula

excel date formula – Excel date formula is very important for almost all kinds of worksheet. Especially when you know the shortcut key of excel date formula. It is handy for you to just press the shortcut key to excel. You can also set cell format with (mm), (dd), (yy), or (yyyy).

Ctrl +;


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