Microsoft Edge: Windows 10 brings new browser

Microsoft Edge is the new Microsoft browser company that came with Windows 10 and Microsoft hopes to help recover the ground lost in the browser market after the fall of Internet Explorer (IE). Although during the first months Microsoft introduced him as Project Spartan, it went to developer conference of the company this year, Build 2015, which would take the official name was announced in Windows 10: Microsoft Edge.

The new Edge browser made its official appearance on July 29 with the arrival of Windows 10 upgrade computers and larger tablets, but also reach the general public in Windows 10 Mobile, the version of the operating system for mobile phones and small tablets.

Microsoft Edge: Windows 10 brings a new browser

Functions and Features

  • Reading Mode ( Reading View ): This mode simplifies the full view of the Web page, eliminating excessive graphics and design, leaving only the text with images. This feature makes it easy to read the text because there are fewer distractions.
  • Cortana: The Microsoft virtual assistant integrates his personality in the address bar. It will make recommendations based on the information you know and then answer questions directly. You can underline text and right-click to ask him or ask for more information regarding Cortana on that word or phrase.
  • New tab/window: New tabs and windows bring a new design that includes Web pages the user’s visit, recommendations apps, weather information, and news suggested. This new display will learn from each user to show the most relevant content.
  • Extensions: Similar to what Chrome and Firefox offer Edge will support Microsoft extensions that will add new features to the browser. Although currently only available Adobe Flash, Microsoft showed during build 2015 extensions Pinterest and Reddit. Microsoft also said the extensions feature will not be available at the launch of Windows 10 and Edge but in the future.
  • Predicting the next page: Microsoft Edge includes a feature that predicts what the next page you will open so that it loads faster, getting some content while viewing the current page.
  • SmartScreen Filter: The new Microsoft browser includes a filter to protect you from malicious websites and downloads that may contain malware.
  • Other security features: Microsoft Edge lets you block all cookies,¬†offers private browsing (InPrivate), pop -up blocking and not to track, among others.

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