Microsoft Windows 10 download image iso file

Microsoft Windows 10 Download – Microsoft Windows 10 updates are improving security and fixing bugs to enhance users’ experience and privacy. Microsoft Windows 10 latest build introducing light and dark theme according to the fit need of users. If you want to stay with Microsoft Windows 10 update, so follow steps to download Windows 10 latest build in iso file format. Currently, Microsoft Windows 10 1903 iso is Windows 0 latest build. Microsoft Windows 10 free to download using IDM and other download managers.

Microsoft Windows 10 download image iso file

First of all, you should open the following link into your Google Chrome browser, if you don’t have Google Chrome you can download it here, you may also visit shortcut keys for Google Chrome

When you will visit the link, you may not find a download link directly. So, Press F12 from your keyboard, it will show a new panel on the right side of Google Chrome. In the right panel, you may see a little icon of the mobile device at top of the panel. When you will click on the mobile icon, it will change the view of Google Chrome, so to continue the procedure click on the mobile icon.

  • Now you can see, the layout of Google Chrome is changed
  • Now refresh again the tab of Google Chrome
  • Click on Select edition, to select the edition of Windows 10
  • Select Windows 10 Edition, and click on Confirm Button
  • After waiting for a while, select the product language, click on Confirm Button
  • Again, wait for a while, now you can choose 64-bit Download Windows 10 or 32-bit Windows 10
  • Click on your desired version of Windows 10 to start the download.

Download Windows 10 disk image ISO file will start, you can also download only updates from the combo box, to update your PC.

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