NComputing Registration

NComputing RegistrationNComputing Monitor can help you to fix the issue of a 30 days trial and 60 minutes for client session. NComputing device X550 is now out of date, Therefore NComputing has closed the process of registration.  NComputing Registration for X550 is not available anymore officially. NComputing device X550 gave a high peak during the 2008 to 2011 session.

NComputing Registration
NComputing Registration

NComputing Registration

A lot of companies, schools, offices, and other users purchased NComputing X550, it is a great loss for them due to the close process of NComputing registration for X550. NComputing is also setting the trial and sixty minutes session for the Remote desktop users, who are new to installing Windows.

If you are using an X550 NComputing device offline, then there is no problem. Even if you are using NComputing X550 with registration or not. The client session will work fine, and there are no any kind of interruptions. But when you connect with the Internet the X550 NComputing license changes to trial mode for 30 days, and the client’s session changes to 60 minutes.

The issue of 30 days left for the device is the issue, different methods were used to stop use of the Internet. Finally came to know, there is a service with name Multiuser Service which is connecting the system with NComputer servers. I tried to stop it for “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” but it also stops the client’s systems.

After this, I decided to stop NComputing server IP’s addresses, but could not help due to random change in NComputing servers. I also used different firewalls to stop its access, firewalls solved the problem, but the Internet access was also affected for other applications.

Solution for NComputing X550 Registration

  • Install a fresh copy of Windows and NComputing Vspace, don’t connect the Internet
  • Download NComputing Monitor for bottom link
  • Unzip NComputing Monitor with password “”
  • Open the Unzip folder, and double click on “take ownership.reg” file, and accept all messages
  • Now goto “NComputing” and right click on the folder and click on “Take Ownership”
  • Now click on Start Button on right click on “Startup” folder and click on “Open”
  • Next copy or cut and paste “NComputingx550.exe” in “Startup” folder
  • Double click on “NComputingx550.exe”
  • Click on Browse button on “NComputingx550.exe”
  • Select the “NComputing VSpace” folder from “NComputing” folder
  • When you click on the OK button the red text “Connection not established” should change into green with text “Connection established”. (If it is not green, its mean you are selecting invalid folder)
  • Finally click on “Apply” button
  • Now you can connect the PC with the Internet

Download Latest version

Download link for [NComputing Monitor]

Download link for [NComputing X550 Software]

When you click on the Apply button, NComputing Monitor will minimize the icon tray in silent mode. Next time when you will reboot your computer it will show you notification, and will not interrupt you later.

NComputing Registration – NComputing Monitor will continually monitor the X550 NComputing, and will not allow you to change the information. It will handle automatically, and will not show you any message or other information.


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