New Laptop Battery Care 2019

new laptop battery careLaptop batteries play an important role in laptop performance, long life, avoid charging, and lot more points. laptop battery care is based on charging cycles, there may be 500 cycles or even more. These charging cycle causes to discharge and recharge the battery. Almost one cycle points to one percentage point of the laptop battery. The new laptop battery care and maintenance are necessary if you want to use your laptop for a long time. In the article “new laptop battery care”, we are going to discuss the most important points for laptop battery care.

New Laptop Battery Care
New Laptop Battery Care

How to New Laptop Battery Care

It is a common habit that some laptop users keep charging the battery while they are playing games, office working, watching movies, or chatting. They don’t pay attention to their laptop battery life. The situation causes to lose the lifespan of batteries. Laptop manufacturers recommend removing the battery charger when the battery charging is completed.

[Practical Tips] Improve laptop battery life

It is a good practice to recharge the battery before the laptop shutdown at zero percentage. When the laptop shutdown at the lowest level it can damage the health of battery or maybe some component. So please try to avoid discharging the battery completely. If you follow the below points and tips, I assure you can defiantly prolong laptop battery lifespan

[Important*] Laptop Battery Saver Points

  • Remove the battery, if you are not going to use the laptop for a long time [most important]
  • Don’t use full-screen brightness
  • Always use recommended power settings
  • Don’t keep attach unnecessary devices
  • Disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not in usage

[Tip*] For Charging the Laptop Battery

  • Recharge battery at 20% and disconnect battery at 80% from the charger
  • Randomly in a week, put your hand to the battery to check the temperature. It should not get too hot.
  • Don’t keep your laptop on permanent charging
  • Always make sure the charger is plugin in properly
  • Never ever remove the battery when the laptop is ON
  • Avoid laptop from overheat
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and see in Task Manager in background power consume application

[Battery Calibration] First Time Usage of Laptop Battery

  • New laptop batteries come empty or discharged, so plug into the power source and let it charge 100%
  • After 100% recharge, unplug the power source and use the laptop to discharge the battery to zero percent, allow shutdown the laptop by itself
  • Recharge the battery 100 percent again, the one-time battery calibration process is completed.
  • Now apply the same procedure two to three-time.

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