open all Chrome bookmark web pages

open all Chrome bookmark web pages – Google Chrome Bookmark is a great feature to save web pages links for future use. The Chrome feature is excellent when you want to turn off the computer, and want to revisit the opened links. Chrome also allows you to save sites links one by one to bookmark, but it is a very time-consuming method. Therefore, Google Chrome offers another way to save your future use web sites. The method also works to open all saved webpages in the web browser window, in the new window, and in the incognito window. If you did not install the web browsers, you can download Google Chrome offline installer.

Open all Chrome bookmark web pages

This is a very interesting feature that doesn’t require any third-party extension. It is the built-in feature to bookmark favorite pages. You just open your required pages which you want to bookmark. It is not necessary to open the same website links or other website pages. It works on all kinds of pages and websites.

How to Save Chrome bookmark web pages

  • How to Bookmark All Open Tabs or web pages in Chrome
  • Open the webpages which you to bookmark in Chrome
  • Right-click on any opened pages
  • Click on “Bookmark all tabs
  • Bookmark all tabs window will open
  • Now type any name such as neeosearch
  • Now click on the SAVE button
  • Now it’s done

Now close all open tabs, and click on the new tab. You will see bookmarks bar chrome, there is a folder with your typed name. When you right-click on the folder name, you will see the following options.

Open all (X) – (X) is the total number of your bookmarked pages. When you will click on it, it will open (X) pages in the same window of Web Browser Google Chrome

Open all (X) in new window – When you will click on this option, you will see a new window of Chrome will open, and all the bookmarked pages will show in the newly opened window.

Open all (X) in incognito window – Incognito window is also known as a private browsing window. The option is used to open the bookmarked pages in the incognito window.

Rename – Whenever you need to change the name of the bookmarked folder. You can simply click on rename and type your new desired name. It will change the name of the folder in the bookmarks bar.

Cut – You can cut a folder from the bookmark bar, and paste it to another folder. It will help you to avoid too many folders on the bookmark bar.

Copy – You can simply use this command to make a copy of your favorite web pages folder. Simply right-click on the folder and click on copy. Now you can paste it anywhere in another folder.

Paste – Paste command is used to place the cut or copy data from one location to another. When you cut or copy folder from the bookmark bar, next use Paste command to place the folder.

Delete – This command is used to delete the bookmark folder if you don’t require it for further use.

Add page – You can add another page separately in the target folder. Just click on Add page, it will ask you about its name, so type name in Name textbox and type or paste URL in URL textbox, finally click on SAVE button.

Add Folder – You can simply create a new folder, and next, you can add different URLs. You may create a new folder to click on the Add Folder option. It will ask you about the name of the new folder. Just type the name of the folder and click on the SAVE button.

Bookmark manager – When you will click on Bookmark manager it will show on the new window with all saved folder and in their URLs. You can switch among folders, and in the folder, you can manage URLs individually. You can Edit, Copy URL, Delete, Open in a new tab, Open in a new window, and Open in an incognito window with all URLs.

Show apps shortcut – Show apps shortcut helps you show or hide different apps shortcut on the bookmark bar.

Show Bookmark bar – Show Bookmark bar option will help you to show or hide bookmark bar while surfing the Internet on the new page.

Chrome bookmark is very useful to save web pages. You can also drop and drag any bookmarked page to any folder, it is a shortcut way to add more pages into the bookmark. The shortcut key of Chrome bookmark to save web pages CTRL+SHIFT+D.

You can watch the video for the demonstration

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