How to Save Windows Registry File

Save Windows Registry File is very easy. Windows Registry Tool is an essential tool for system administrators, geeks and regular users who wish to change hidden Windows settings that are not available through its interface. For many years the registry editor updates and has remained unchanged in its interface and features.

The last time it was updated was in the version of Windows XP and now Windows 10, Microsoft has decided that it is time to improve and update. Let’s look more closely at what has changed. If you’ve used the Registry Editor before, it will open in the same location where you were working last time.

If that happens, and you do not want to work with the keys or values in that location, only continuous minimizing the registry keys until you have reached the top level, listing the various sections of the registry. Considering the impact of logging on your computer.

Save Windows Registry File

I highly recommend that before you begin, make a backup of the entire record, or backup individual registry keys in which you plan to work, which it is more appropriate to what you plan to do in Windows Registry Tool.

windows registry editor caution
windows registry editor caution

The Windows registry (Regedit) is a file in hexadecimal instruction is composed of a series of instructions, services, applications and necessary for the proper functioning of the operating system configurations. When we make a change in this record we risk this stop functioning properly and thus, our operating system will no longer do so and also without backup, it is very difficult to restore proper operation. Therefore, you must “take backup of Windows registry“.

To apply this Windows Features you should open Windows Registry Tool and browse the following Regedit path step by step or you can jump to target Windows Registry Tool with single click.

Copy the below given code to Save Windows Registry File

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;created by

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\VLC media player\command]
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\VideoLAN\\VLC\\vlc.exe\""
  1. Now past it into “Notpad
  2. Now click on File
  3. From File menu click on Save as
  4. Save diaglog box will appear
  5. Now name the file with in commas, such as “filename.reg”
  6. Writing the file in in commas. type .reg at the end of file name.
  7. The output format will show as “YourFileName.reg”
  8. Now click on “Save” button.

After applying anyone method from above you will see the following User Account ControlUAC“. This UAC will confirm “Do you want to allow this app to make change to your device?“. So if you want to open Windows Registry Editor tool you should click on “Yes”

create backup windows registry

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