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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is handy data recovery software that helps you recover documents lost, deleted and formatted MS Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. The tool recovers lost files, photos, audio and video files, emails and databases files and stores them in a new file to a location specified by the user.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery -Professional version software is available with rescue CD, which allows you to recover your essential data in case you cannot boot the computer. This data recovery application works on multiple Windows storage media such as hard drives, iPods, memory cards, external hard drives and pen drives.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery  incorporates recovery procedures thoroughly analyze high – end storage media and ensure maximum recovery of data. The data recovery software for Windows, designed for Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000 operating systems, it is very easy to understand, even without technical knowledge. The recovery tool for own use is so effective that retrieves data from Windows after any event of data loss or damage to the file system, accidental deletion, corruption of MFT (master file table, partition deletion, damages in the MBR (master boot record) and virus attacks.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery includes several recovery options. The various tabs (Data Recovery, Email Recovery, Resume Recovery, Advanced options, Recovery Services) appear on the initial screen of the software and allow the user to select the option of your choice.

Data Recovery tabs:

The first record of the initial screen of data recovery software for Windows consists of four options: Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Recovery folder and formatted / lost partition recovery and filesharing . The following explains each of them:

  • Fast recovery: this option scans quickly and effectively the selected hard disk and retrieves data very quickly.
  • Deleted File Recovery: This option recovers deleted the selected partition on the hard disk.
  • Folders recovery and formatted / lost files: this option retrieves data from a formatted hard disk partition. This option requires more time than the “quick recovery”, but offers more likely to recover data.
  • Partition Recovery: This option recovers lost hard drive partitions or eliminated.

Email Recovery:

In the second tab data recovery software for Windows you will find two options: Email Recovery Microsoft Outlook andEmail Recovery Outlook Express . Here both options are described:

  • Email Recovery Microsoft Outlook: This option scans the PST (personal storage) files to recover deleted email messages. Recovered messages can be saved in .PST format, .eml and .msg file.
  • Email Recovery Outlook Express: this option scans the DBX files (extension database) to retrieve deleted emails. Recovered messages can be stored in .eml file format.

Resuming Recovery:

The third tab of the main screen allows the user to resume the recovery of data from a file or image information previously stored.

Advanced Options :

The fourth tab of the Home screen has three options: Raw Recovery, Backup units and state units.

  • Raw recovery: this option is used to retrieve stored signatures based hard drive partitions corrupted or damaged files. The option does not recover the file name, only retrieves the file extension, with sector number.
  • Copy of units: this option creates a copy or duplicate of the hard drive.
  1. Create Image:This function units Copy option creates an image file (.img) of your entire hard disk or hard disk partition selected. This .img file can then be used to retrieve data. The option is useful if the hard disk contains corrupt sectors.
  2. Duplicate disc:the second function of the units Copy option creates a mirror image of the source drive to the destination drive. The option is used to create a backup of the hard drive data, along with the file structure.
  • State units: the last function of the Copy option displays information unit (model number, serial number, size, temperature, state SMART function and firmware revision) on hard drives connected to your computer. It also includes information on the hard drive, as total sectors, number of cylinders, sectors per track and readership data. Information category partition units Status window displays information about all logical partitions on the hard drive.

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