How to turn off Windows 10 with Shortcut Keys

Most users usually turn off Windows 10 by tapping the menu that accompanies the computer or simply suspend it by pressing the power key. However, there are much faster ways to achieve this goal. As usual, the operating systems hide many secrets that are not entirely known, despite being in the software since, almost, its beginnings.

Turn off Windows 10 with Shortcut Keys

It is the case of methods to shut down Windows quickly, something that we can come in very well in according to complicated times – like when the boss comes and there is no way to remove that screen. Give the button can be a precious time – if the time is pressing – so we’ll tell you some method that with a few keystrokes, will work the miracle that Windows 10 will close in just a few seconds.

Close Windows 10, the most classic trick: Alt + F4

This combination between the ALT and F4 keys comes almost from time to time in MS-DOS when there was no mouse or menu to close. We have to note that what this command actually does is close the active window. So we have to minimize all (an easy trick is Windows + D ) and from the desktop, click the combination we discussed. If not, we will close the program that we have open. The good thing is that if we do it from the desktop, it is 100% effective and if there is no program that does the punch, we will be able to turn off the computer in record time.

Windows key + X, a shortcut to the menu to suspend or shut down Windows

If we press the Windows key at the same time as the X , what we do is that a special menu appears with numerous system management shortcuts and, among them, to shut down, restart or suspend the computer. You have to move the mouse but it is really quick to access it and even more if we get used to pressing “U” right after this combination. It will allow us to access two jumps at the end of the system and will only have to confirm the action

Turn off Windows 10 with Shortcut Keys
Turn off Windows 10 with Shortcut Keys

Turn off the computer with a command

It is another option, more drastic but also fast. We just have to open the “Run” menu and put “Shutdown -s”, that will turn off the system but if we put -f we will force a full shutdown, without saving anything that is open. Maybe this is the drastic but faster way to hack with everything that is working. Finally if we put -t followed by a number, what we will activate will be a countdown so that the computer goes off alone.

Turn off Windows 10 with Shortcut Keys
Turn off Windows 10 with Shortcut Keys

The best thing to not have to be writing all the time is to create a “panic button“. We create a shortcut and in the “address” field where it points we put ” % windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -f “. We saved and already in the desktop there will be an icon that when double clicking, will close all the applications and will turn off the equipment. A virtual “buttonhole”, but more secure. We can even anchor it to the taskbar to have it handy at any time.

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