Useful Mac excel shortcuts keyboard

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Mac excel shortcuts to make the iWork Numbers spreadsheet, you can always betray the Mac excel shortcuts and use the Microsoft program. Excel is arguably the cornerstone of the Microsoft Office suite for Mac excels shortcuts from a business point of view. And this is more than enough reason to be interested in the possibility of using this program more efficiently using excel mac shortcuts. You can also visit ms Excel shortcut keys for PC

If you want to know the main Mac excel shortcuts needed while working on Excel spreadsheets for Mac, this guide has everything you need for the average user of this complex program. The following shortcuts are usually the same in most Mac excel shortcuts programs and in all office suites in general, although there is always some exception that confirms the rule. For users accustomed minimally to excel mac shortcuts work and keyboard shortcuts will not be any novelty. Of course, if they are known, it will be because they are useful and necessary.

Useful Mac excel shortcuts keyboard

Cmd + NOpen a new spreadsheet
Cmd + OOpen an existing document
Cmd + WClose the active window without leaving the program
Cmd + SSave the spreadsheet
Cmd + XCut selection to the clipboard
Cmd + CCopy selection to the clipboard
Cmd + VPaste the contents of the clipboard
Cmd + PPrint the current spreadsheet
Cmd + FFind text in the active worksheet
Cmd + ZUndo the last action
Cmd + YRedo the last action
Cmd + IItalicize selected text
Cmd + BBold selected text
Cmd + UUnderline selected text

Enter data into a sheet

The introduction of data in excel mac shortcuts to more or less large scale can become a hell. Cell after cell and leaf after leaf, formulas, numbers, and variables can be infinite. If you want to move between cells mac shortcut keys to fill them with more ease and ease, forget the mouse and use the following mac shortcut keys.

Ctrl + Option + BackspaceStart a new line in the same cell
Ctrl + BackspaceFill in the selected cell range with the text entered
Shift + ShiftFinish entry into a cell and return to selection
TabFinish entry into a cell and scroll left in the selection
Shift + TabEnd the entry in a cell and scroll right in the selection
To supDelete the character to the left of the insertion point or remove selection
Direction arrowMove one character up, down, left or right
Shift + F2Modify a cell comment

Using the cells and the formula entry line

Finally, this table compiles more specific mac shortcut keys of the program itself. The Formula Builder, AutoSum, the AutoComplete option, the introduction of an array formula mac excel … The use of all these functions can also be accelerated by excel mac shortcuts.

Ctrl + Shift + BackspaceEnter a matrix formula
RecoilEnd entry into a cell
EscapeUndo the entry in the cell or formulation bar
Ctrl + ADisplay the Formula Builder by entering a valid function in a formula
Cmd + KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl + UEdit the active cell and place the insertion point at the end of the line
Shift + F3Open the Formula Builder
Cmd + =Calculate all sheets in all open workbooks
Cmd + Shift + =Calculate the entire active sheet
=Starting a formula
Cmd + Shift + TInsert the formula Autoutosuma
Cntrl +;Include date
Cmd +;Include the time
Ctrl + Shift + “Copy the value of the cell above the active cell or in the formula bar
Ctrl + `Show alternating cell values and formulas on the sheet
Ctrl + ‘Copy a formula from the cell above the active cell or in the formula bar
Ctrl + Option + ↓Show list Autocomplete
Ctrl + LAssign name

Here’s our compilation of the main keyboard Mac excel shortcuts. The program itself includes many more, but after mastering this already extensive list, you can study other shortcuts of mac excel. These are more dedicated to a user of professional scope and very advanced in the use of databases and macros.

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