Web browsers most used Internet

Traditionally, Web browsers most used Internet has been Internet Explorer web browser, this advantage is due to its characteristic of being integrated in all Windows installations and most secure web browser.


Web browsers most used
Web browsers most used

Web browsers used Internet

In recent years this advantage diminishes increasingly, despite the improvements implemented in the application. The decreased use by users is due to the popularity of alternative browsers, which have managed to overcome it in speed and performance. However the results are not absolute, factors such as geographical area, the sites sampled traffic and other influence.
We can only ensure what the browsers used to access our site using statistics offered by the service Google Analytics.

✓ Google Chrome (about 65% of traffic). Google browser for PC and portable devices.
✓ Android Browser. Browser included in devices that use the Android OS.
✓ Safari. Browser included in Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, but is also available for the computer.
✓ Mozilla Firefox. Free Web browser for PC and portable devices.
✓ Opera Mini. (Portable devices).
✓ Internet Explorer. Included in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
. ✓ Opera (PC)
Other browsers that constitute less than 1% of total passenger traffic are: UC Browser, BlackBerry (portable devices), Microsoft Edge (included in Windows 10), MxNitro Maxthon (PC) and Vivaldi (PC).

Common features of browsers

All browsers include most of the following features: tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, support for search engines, download manager, bookmarks, spell checker, and keyboard shortcuts. To maintain privacy almost all browsers provide easy ways to delete cookies, web caches and history.

Internet suites are those web browsers including integrated programs able to read Usenet news, emails, and IRC, which are text chat in real time through IMAP, NNTP and POP protocols.

Typically they use the HTTPS security protocol through cryptographic protocols SSL / TLS to secure data exchange with web servers. They also tend to have antiphishing and antimalware protection.

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