Windows 10: How to open Windows settings

Open Windows settings provides all kinds of tips and tricks related to fit need of users. Windows 10 tricks to optimize the performance of the new operating system from Microsoft. Meet the best tips to optimize the performance of your computer. You can also find shortcuts to different tasks that may not know. Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft that at the end of July, will be a year since its launch.

Although there have corrected many errors and problems since its release worldwide, this system is still far from being considered a little-known free operating system failures so sometime as with any operating system any user of Windows 10 should know as you access the configuration options because from them will be able to customize and adjust different functions according to their needs.

The way to access configuration has changed with respect to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, is now much faster and easier some users encounter problems such as unknown by Microsoft, and sully the experience of use. The start menu back to Windows 10 in a new version: now combines applications we met in Windows 8 and classic style so reminiscent users: we organize the “tiles” of modern applications to their position, size and we can even eliminate them completely and leave a resemblance to the original Windows 7 Start menu.

Windows 10: How to open Windows settings

Click on Start Button of Windows 10, Next click on “Settings” from the pop up menu of Start Button of Windows 10 for PC settings.

Windows settings
Windows settings

The settings window of Windows 10, allow you to manage a lot of controls.

  • Display
  • Notifications & actions
  • App & features
  • Multitasking
  • Tablet mode
  • Battery saver
  • Power & sleep
  • Storage
  • Offline maps

Above features provide enrich experience to the user to customize the setting for the desktop. before Windows 10 never any version of Microsoft provided such ease and flexible mode to the user.

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