Microsoft Windows 10 S Mode

Windows 10 S Mode – Windows 10 S Mode is the security feature of Microsoft for Windows experience. Microsoft is trying best to make Windows PCs secure, fast, stable and malware-free for users. The current feature of Windows 10 with S is a step to fulfill the aim of Microsoft. In S Mode you can use your application such as Microsoft Office, Skype, Microsoft Edge and others using Microsoft Store. The S mode improves your online experience with Microsoft Edge. You will enjoy the power, flexibility, smooth response while browsing online applications, video streaming, and playing games. The Windows 10 S mode is introducing rich multi-tasking experience.

Windows 10 S Mode
Windows 10 S Mode

Introducing Windows 10 in S mode

Introducing Windows 10 in S mode – First of all, Windows 10 with S mode, it is not a new operating system of Microsoft. It is a newly added feature in Windows 10 Home or Pro version. You can simply enable us to use Windows 10 in S Mode. It is designed to work on small and lighter devices with maximum security features. The Windows version only allows you to install the app from Windows Store, and you can just use the Internet with Microsoft Edge. By default, the search engine is Bing with Microsoft Edge. You cannot switch or change the default search engine. These features increase the battery life, faster run, and more secure, and easier to use.

What does ‘S’ stand for – S stands for in Windows 10 S, it is mostly search question. But Microsoft is not justifying what is exactly stands for of ‘S’. It can say ‘S’ stand for “Secure”, “Simple”, “Speed”, or “Store”, let’s see what will be in the future. According to my personal view, S stands for in Windows 10 S, it may be Windows Store because Microsoft tying everything in this feature with its Store.

Main Differences in Windows 10 and S mode

  1. S mode only allows you to install the application from Microsoft Store. This feature secure users form a different kind of malware. From the last couple of years, ransomware attacks are spreading all around, and the main channel behind spreading the malware over the Word is infected software. Any app or game which is not available on Windows Store, it will not download, install, and run on the version of Windows.
  2. Enable you will enable S mode for your PC, Microsoft Edge will be the default web browser. You cannot switch to it any web browser like Google Chrome, or Firefox, etc. The use of the Edge web browser enhances the security feature of Windows with longer battery life. The default search engine is Bing for searching in S mode of Windows 10.
  3. The next feature of Windows S is to startup a computer faster than ever. It is because there is no CPU clock hungry application at startup. The absence of Google Chrome is freed up of RAM, which will automatically improve the performance of the system. File and folders are automatically can save on OneDrive, to save hard drive space.

Command Line – Windows S mode restrict you to use command prompt, PowerShell, and other command-line application. Even you cannot use Windows Registry Editor etc. The propose of these restrictions to stop application to make changes without notifying users. Most types of malware and virus attacks behind using command line scripts.

How to Check PC is in S Mode

You can simply check your PC, is it in S mode or not. Please follow the below steps to verify it.

  1. Click on Windows Settings from Start Menu
  2. Click on System, from System click on About
  3. In About view, you can see under “Windows specifications”
  4. In Windows Pro Edition, you may see “Windows 10 Pro in S Mode”

Who should use Windows 10 S Mode?

Windows S Mode is ideal for those who have less experienced such as basic learners, business computers, and kids. S mode monitors and protects from the unsafe activity is performed or attacked. It is a good choice for those who don’t want to pay to antivirus companies. Microsoft Windows S is providing a high-security end for basic and advanced users.

Video Games on Windows 10 S Mode

You can only play those games which are available on Microsoft Store. You cannot install any game from the second source on Windows S mode except Microsoft Store.

Uninstall Apps or Games in Windows 10 S Mode

There is no difference while uninstalling apps or games form your S mode computer. You can uninstall using the following five methods.

  1. You can uninstall using Control Panel
  2. Uninstall to right-click on your target app from Start Menu, and choose Uninstall.
  3. Open This PC and click on “Uninstall or change a program”
  4. Search for Apps & Feature to uninstall the application
  5. Go to install the app folder, and double click to uninstall the application file.

Restrictions in Windows S Mode

There are three main restrictions for Windows 10 S users. So, the S device is having limited functionality in several places.

  1. You can only download apps, games, and antivirus from Microsoft Store.
  2. There is only a Microsoft Edge web browser for Internet Surfing.
  3. The default search engine is Bing.

Benefits of Windows S Mode

  1. You don’t have to pay for antivirus
  2. Secure from a ransomware attack
  3. High performance of computer
  4. Works on small and lighter devices
  5. Battery life will improve

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How to Leave Windows S Mode?

It is a simple and easy process to Leave Windows S Mode. To exit from Windows S Mode, just open Microsoft Store and search for “Switch out of S Mode”. It will help you by the wizard to walk through to leave S mode. You can leave S mode free of caste. But keep it in mind, once you left S mode, you can never rejoin S Mode.

Windows 10 S Mode – Windows 10 S Mode is an optional mode that came with Windows Home and Professional to protect you from harmful attacks. It lets you run your computer smoother, faster, secure, and safe anytime everywhere.

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